About us

The purpose of the Czech Association of Organisations Working in Penal Affaires (AOOV) is to connect various stakeholders in the field of penal and criminal justice and to contribute to systemic changes in this area. The association aims to encourage the development of a system that takes into account the interests and needs of offenders, victims, and society as a whole.

What are the principles behind our work?

We aim to develop know-how and spread effective programmes

We support the sharing and development of know-how in the area of dealing with the causes and consequences of crimes. We support the dissemination of proven programmes that contribute to the re-integration of people with criminal pasts into society and also respond to the needs of victims and the wider community.

We plan to encourage cross-sectoral cooperation

We encourage the cooperation of organisations in the field of public administration, the non-governmental sector, the commercial sphere, and academia to create effective partnerships aimed at improving the criminal justice system.

We aim to strive for systemic change

In cooperation with those concerned, we strive to change the system to improve the conditions for the successful re-integration of people with criminal past and the restoration of relationships broken by crime.

We are evidenced based

We support data collection and evaluation of the effectiveness of individual interventions and strive to develop knowledge and skills to measure effectiveness.

We plan to work with the public

We will raise awareness among the general public and among politicians on the issues of criminal policy, incarceration, the causes of crimes, and dealing with their consequences. We will strive to help the public to understand the wider context of the problem.

What is the problem we are dealing with?

The Czech Republic has one of the highest incarceration rates in Europe. Currently more than 19,000 people are serving sentences in Czech Prisons. While crime rates are falling in the country, the incarceration rate is not declining. 65 % of those released from prison are reconvicted and sentenced to a further term of imprisonment. These facts have negative social and economic consequences for all involved. The Association will focus on a primary reason behind this state of affairs which it believes is the failure to provide continuous rehabilitative work with prisoners both during their sentence and after their release.

What Do We Do?

The roots of the problem

  • Criminal code and  policy – The Czech Republic is one of the countries where offenders are sentenced to the longest prison sentences.  At the same time, people are sent to prison for minor offenses where restriction of liberty for public protection is not required (e.g. parents who fail to pay maintenance and repeat minor property offenders).
  • Penal system – prison overcrowding combined with a lack of sufficient professional staff is reducing the possibility for professional rehabilitative treatment of prisoners.
  • Social system and policy – the post-release support system is fragmented and inadequate. It fails to effectively support even those prisoners who want to make a change to their lives.
  • Concerns and myths – people with criminal convictions raise concerns among the public that lead to prejudice and a preference for punitive, harsh and restrictive solutions.

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